Created 13-Nov-11
Based in Loughborough and covering the distance to its terminus at Leicester, the GCR is the only heritage railway in the country that can boast having extended double track. This feature, along with a magnificent array of home fleet engines, amny of which are main line registered make this railway a must see. Added bonuses such as the faithfully restored stations at Rothley and Qourn & Woodhouse just add to the experience.

Home fleet includes:

BR 'Std 7- Britannia' 70013 'Oliver Cromwell'
GNR 'N2' 1744
SR 'King Arther' 30777 'Sir Lamiel'
BR (Ex LMS) 3F 47406
LMS 'Black 5' 45305
BR 'Std 2' 78019
BR (Ex GCR) 8K 63601
BR (Ex LMS) 'Ivatt Class 2' 46521
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