Created 15-Jan-12
Featuring 12 miles of track, 6 stations and a large home fleet of engines here is a line in the premier league of heritage railways. Covering ground from Heywood to Rawstenstall the East Lancs Railway is based at the bustling town of Bury.

Engines based at the East Lancs include:

BR Std 8P 71000 'Duke of Gloucester'
BR (Ex LMS) 'Black 5' 45407 'The Lancashire Fusilier'
BR (Ex LMS) 'Black 5' 44871
BR (Ex LMS) 'Black 5' 45231 'The Sherwood Forester'
BR (Ex LMS) 'Black 5' 45337
WD 132 'Sapper'
Peckett & Sons 1370 'May'
Manchester Ship Canal 32 'Gothenburg' (Currently in the guise of Thomas the Tank Engine)
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